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One key tactic in OTR's strategic planning has been to build alliances with other nonprofit developers.  Our partnership for more than a decade with Accessible Space, Inc. of St. Paul Minnesota, has been very productive.  Similarly, we worked with Full Circle Communities on the development of Milwaukee Apartments, a new 32-unit apartment complex in Chicago's Avondale neighborhood.  The building incorporates many of our accessibility and design features, and we also played a significant role in garnering community support during the development phase.  Today through OTR's Resident Service Program, we provide support services to the building's 32 residents. For more information about OTR's Resident Service Program, please contact Katie Miglore at or our main office at

"Once basic housing needs are met, we focus on improving a resident's sense of independence and ultimately quality of life. "
Katie Miglore, Vice President OTR

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